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Breathing Room

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Release Date:Sep 30,2008

Category: Thriller / Horror / Mystery

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Plot : The film centers on Tanya who is left naked into a deserted room with 13 unknown people. After giving a thought she realizes that she is the final contestants of the deadly game which she has to play if she wants to survive. In the room she finds that the other people are controlled by a fatal electronic device which is installed on their neck. All the players inside the room have to use tools and clues from marked pieces to find exit as well as the purpose of their kidnap. After some time all 14 come to know that they all are the part of game which they have been forced to play. When the game begins every one tries to get out of the room at any cost. The clue doesn’t solve the puzzle of leaving the room. One by one each contestant gets eliminated at the cost of their lives. And with every death, comes a clue to the next level. As the number of the people reduces, the light also goes off. In one of the clues they find that the killer is someone amongst them. You can watch Breathing Room video to see the horror and suspense of the film.

Breathing Room Movie is Directed By : John Suits

Starring : Michael McLafferty, David Higlen, Brad Culver, Ailsa Marshall, Austin Highsmith, Brandon Stacy, Eve Sigall, Jeff Atik, Keith Foster, Kim Estes

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