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Release Date:Jun 22,2012

Category: Action / Adventure / Animation

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.2

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Plot: Since a long-long time Scotland has been experienced heroic wars and battles, it witnessed the birth of battles heroes and legends who glorified the history of the Highlands of Scotland. Children of the place know it all as the tales had taken the form of bed stories and generation over generations had become hearers of them. The land is jagged but strong and is mysterious in nature. Watch Brave online to see Merida, a young girl becoming the part of heroic anecdotes and traditional stories when she puts up a fight to ferocious of all monsters and beasts.  Merida is a daughter of King Fergus and his wife Queen Elinor. She is unlike any other girl born in the mystical Highlands of Scotland. Her interests are not that of a usual princess but that of warrior prince. She is courageous, valiant, brave, and strong. She is a proficient archer and fervid and ardent at her acts. Impassioned to do something different and of bravery she defies all the traditions and conventions that a princess or any other girl of the kingdom must follow. Download Brave to witness the brave soul facing up her destiny and going against the set code of laws of the land. When she Merida decides to take her own rout to live life the way she wants she unknowingly stands against the divine laws laid by the boisterous lords of the place. They three lords who have become the idol of worship are Lord MacGuffin, Lord Macintosh and Lord Dingwall who all are crotchety and tough. Merida’s impulsive acts and stubborn attitude unknowingly makes these gods furious and they unleash their fury on the kingdom. To seek help she meets a old woman who is suppose to be wise and she is endowed with an ill fated grant which help her learn the significance of being brave to finally extricate the monstrous curse before the time lapses.

Brave Movie is Directed By : Mark Andrews

Starring : Emma Thompson, Kelly Macdonald, Kevin McKidd, Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson, Billy Connolly

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Jan 07,2012
Animated movies r luv to watch with friends.Its like a great feeling to be with friends and see the animation together..