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Blood Brothers

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Release Date:Feb 18,2011

Category: Action

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Plot : Written and Directed by Michael Pavone, ‘Blood Brother’ is the story of three brothers, who share the same father, but all three of them have different mothers. Their father deceased as a very rich man, was a philanderer. The man was also in the bad habit of drinking and often came back home, losing his senses. The Celery brothers, Sam Cleary (John Cena), Leo Cleary (Ethan Embry) and kid Douglas Cleary (Boyd Holbrook) grew up hating each other. The turning point of the story is when they are introduced to their sister, Nina (Amy Smart) and it is through her that they learn that their drunkard father had left them a will. Now who will inherit the will, is a clandestine thought that will make everyone wonder. Catch Blood Brothers video to please your eyes with the interesting story that follows. The Celery brothers are supposed to go into business together, as this forms one of the conditions to be valid for accepting the will. They maneuver through every business call that comes their way, and even find themselves in the mountains of Mexico, where they discover a kidnapping plot! So, go ahead and know more of this brilliant story!

Blood Brothers Movie is Directed By : Michael Pavone

Starring : John Cena, Ethan Embry, Boyd Holbrook, Michael Rispoli, Jack Conley, Gregg Henry, Lela Loren

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Blood Brothers, is an intriguing story of three estranged brothers, on the quest to become eligible for a will their father left them. The twist in the tale comes when the three have to work together, as a condition in the will! So, catch the film and enjoy the events that ensue. You can watch Blood Brothers online and experience the incredible action as the brothers are not going to spare themselves from the horror. This is one movie you can’t miss; the intense drama scenes, the hints of comedy and a fantabulous display of action and affection are something that will make you inclined towards it. If you really want to steer the movie, download Blood Brothers. The downloadable file is available to you in any format you like including DivX, DVD and even compatible to an iPod. In addition to this, the high definition video quality will make you teeter on the edge of your seat! Grab a soda and a bowl of popcorn and get ready to have the time of your life. Opting to buy Blood Brothers movie is one such way by which all you get is all fun with play. Happy watching!

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