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Black Swan

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Release Date:Dec 03,2010

Category: Thriller / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.2

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Natalie Portman
Mila Kunis
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Plot : “Black Swan” is a spine-chilling drama, which presents the tale of unusual relationship between two ballet dancers. Nina and Lily are the two dancers, who’re put to work together for the play, Swan Lake. While Nina is a veteran dancer and can make an innocent White Swan dance to her tunes, Lily is quite new in the league and has a sensuous appeal in her personality, which goes well with Black Swan. Only similarity that they share is the fact that the two of them are completely obsessed with dancing and their lives are fully dedicated to this refreshing form of art. As only one dancer is required for the play’s final segment, who can handle herself with grace and innocence and enchant the audience with guile and sensuality, they both toil hard to win the heart of play’s director, Thomas Leroy. As the two dedicated dancers attempt to be a personification of both the Swans, their rivalry starts dissolving and they end-up forming an ever-lasting bond with each other. Then the Black Swan video represents that with their twisted friendship, Nina explores a dark side of herself, which if not taken care of, can lead her to complete destruction.

Black Swan Movie is Directed By : Darren Aronofsky

Starring : Natalie Portman,Mila Kunis,Winona Ryder,Sebastian Stan,Vincent Cassel,Barbara Hershey,Toby Hemingway,Janet Montgomery

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