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Birds of America

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Release Date:Jan 24,2008

Category: Comedy / Drama

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Hilary Swank
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Plot :Birds of America” is a side-splitting comedy drama directed by Craig Lucas. This movie is about a middle-class man, whose life is very complicated, as he is struck between death of his parents and raising-up of his younger brother and sister. He puts all his efforts in taking care of his siblings, in the best possible way and provides them a better life. He sacrifices his own comforts, in order to satisfy needs and desires of his free-spirited brother and sister. But, even after making all the required arrangements for them, his life becomes no-less complicated, as he still have to maintain balance between his professional and personal life problems. His home is all exploited, as even after being mature adults, his siblings have come to stay with him. The man has no other option, as he believes that it’s his responsibility to help them whenever they need it. Birds of America video further presents that life of this ordinary man becomes no less than a hell, as he has to find amendments throughout for the troubles caused by his loved ones.

Birds of America Movie is Directed By : Craig Lucas

Starring : Matthew Perry, Ginnifer Goodwin, Ben Foster, Hilary Swank, Lauren Graham, Zoe Kravitz, Gary Wilmes, Jennifer Gargano, Takako Haywood

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