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Big Stan

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Release Date:Mar 24,2009

Category: Action / Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 1.0

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Rob Schneider
Salvator Xuereb
David Carradine
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Plot : Big Stan is a comedy movie directed and produced by Rob Schneider. The movie revolves around a real estate con artist called Stan Minton, played by Rob Schneider, who panics when he discovers that he can be sentenced for fraud. Stan's insecurities lead him to hire a mysterious guru called ‘The Master’, played by David Carradine, who helps changing him into an artistic martial arts expert. After his imprisonment, Stan uses his spanking skills to threaten his fellow prisoners, and also prevents the prisoners from harming each other in any manner. Gradually, is starts being respected by all the prisoners and ultimately becomes their leader. He helps in bringing serenity and harmony in the prison yard. However, the corrupt warden has plans something else that could help him gain profit, by converting the prison into a battle field, pressurizing its closure and selling the property at an expensive price. Stan is the only barrier standing in his way. Will warden be successful in his mission or will Stan stop his mission from being accomplished? If you want to know more about the movie then feel free to catch Big Stan video from here.

Big Stan Movie is Directed By : Rob Schneider

Starring : Rob Schneider, David Carradine, Salvator Xuereb, Buddy Lewis, Scott Wilson, Randy Couture, M. Emmet Walsh, Jennifer Morrison, Jackson Rathbone

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