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Release Date:Aug 05,2011

Category: Action / Romance / Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Plot : Bellflower is an action drama, which shows two pals who have always had one thing in common, and which has kept them united since their childhood days. And this thing is the passion that both of them have for manufacturing arms and ammunitions, that can lead to destruction on an extremely high scale. They have a group named Mother Medusa, which, they think, will be all up to take action as soon as Armageddon arrives. And so they await the arrival of this day and go on giving concrete forms to their ideas that can lead to the killing of a number of innocent people. Bellflower then moves on to show one of these two group founders as a guy, who falls for a wonderful looking female, and subsequently, ending or halting everything that the group has ever planned. Watch Bellflower online as the two go on a killing spree with their self made weapons. They leave no domain unexplored and no area unperturbed. The group has become increasingly large and they would not think twice before launching bombs and other such things. Their suppositions go unfruitful as they are the only ones interested in bringing about a local Armageddon of sorts. Will this be called justice in its true sense? Let’s discover a reason, right away!

Bellflower Movie is Directed By : Evan Glodell

Starring : Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman, Tyler Dawson, Rebekah Brandes, Vincent Grashaw, Zack Kraus, Keghan Hurst, Alexandra Boylan

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jhmed malugayak
Apr 15,2011
i really enjoy this movie