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Back to the Beyond

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Release Date:Jun 06,2011

Category: Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.8

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Plot : This edge-of-the seat horror movie centers round a team of paranormal investigators, who can’t believe their eyes when they discover the horrific incidents of a haunted house. Back to the Beyond tries to take cue from the horror show called One Step Beyond, and puts a group of paranormal investigators to separate reality from fiction. When the team examines the haunted house, it hears the footsteps and weird piano music as described in the video left by the TV crew. The group finds it difficult to draw a logical connection between what the members have been experiencing and the incidents featured in one of the episodes of the show, until the horrific noises intensify! One of the videographers, who tried to capture the evil force on camera, mimics Captain Clausen, the original owner of the house. The haunted house has the dark history of possessing whoever stays in it, making him tread the same path as walked by killer Clausen. Will the paranormal investigators be able to make a narrow escape? Will they regret at their inability to understand, that truth is always stranger than fiction? Watch Back to the Beyond online to know the consequences of the investigators, as they meet their greatest fear in Clause’s house.

Back to the Beyond Movie is Directed By : Kevin DiBacco

Starring : Jennifer Gjulameti, Jim Donnelly, Bill Potter, Bill Steven McLean, Cate Carson, Bunny Barclay, Emily Lyons, Jon Miguel

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