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Release Date:May 07,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : Babies is a documentary film directed by Thomas Balmes. The film chronicles the life of 4 babies in the first year of their lives. These 4 babies belong to 4 different nationalities of the world. One is from Mongolia, other is from Namibia, the third one is from San Francisco and the fourth baby belongs to Tokyo. Each and every phase of the lives of these infants is simultaneously followed in this movie - from their first breath to their first step. In a lively manner, the ‘Babies’ video illustrates the initial stages of their first steps into the world. The concept of this movie is very unique in its own respect and at the same time, it’s universal as well. This movie provides a lovely and adorable glimpse into what goes on in the lives of 4 new born toddlers. Balmes, by capturing the first stages of these kids’ development on camera, desires to prove that in spite of taking birth in different cultures and being raised in different cultures, we share a number of common attributes. We all are human beings and are tied to each other by the thread of humanity.

Babies movie is Directed By : Thomas Balmes

Starring : Bayar, Hattie, Mari, Ponijao

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The guys who need to deal with babies should watch this video.