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Release Date:Jan 09,2009

Category: Thriller / Comedy / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.5

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Plot : Directed by Adam Gierasch, Autopsy is a horror movie about a group of friends who end up in an eerie hospital. The story revolves around Emily Johnson (Jessica Lowndes), who along with her boyfriend Bobby (Ross Kohn) and their friends Clare (Ashley Schneider) and Jude (Ross McCall), goes on a last vacation together, before they go out to face the real world. The group however meets an accident on a lonely Louisiana road and the ambulance takes the injured friends to the nearby Mercy Hospital. However, Emily soon learns that the creepy hospital with a minimal staff and empty corridors has a sinister secret of conducting inhuman experiments on helpless patients. At the head of this horrific crime is Dr. Benway (Robert Patrick), whose forefathers have committed horrifying atrocities. A desperate Emily tries to find and save her friends before it is too late.

Autopsy movie is Directed By :  Adam Gierasch

Starring : Jessica Lowndes, Michael Bowen, Robert Patrick, Jenette Goldstein, Ashley Schneider, Robert LaSardo, Eric F. Adams, Arcadiy Golubovich, Ross Kohn

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