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Attack the Block

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Release Date:Jul 29,2011

Category: Action / Science Fiction

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.4

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Plot : Attack the Block is a sci-fi thriller that follows the horrific escapades of a gang of boys from a group of aliens. Interestingly however, the heroes in this movie are actually villains to start with, as we watch them mugging an innocent nurse, and being engaged in drug dealing. But as the movie progresses, we learn that albeit villainous, they are good human beings at heart, and are as clever and brave as heroes should be. The movie starts with the boys, who live in an apartment called ‘The Block’, spotting an unusual animal that tries to kill them. Terrified, they lash back at it, and kill it instead. As they investigate the carcass, they realize that it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen before, and decide to take it to a friend of theirs, who ‘watches Net Geo’. The friend, as well as a zoologist, confirm that the animal is extraterrestrial, and would be of great interest to scientists. Delighted, the gang stores the body, till the time they can make best use of it. However, their triumph is short-lived, since they soon realize that the animal wasn’t alone! There were more of them, and they were stronger and more dangerous. A war between the residents of the town and the aliens begins, with many on both sides dying. Interestingly, the aliens attack only males. It is Moses, a member of the gang, who finally deciphers a way to get rid of them, before they eliminate the entire population. He figures out that the alien they had first killed was a female, which had released pheromones to attract the males. Watch Attack the Block online to see how Moses uses this knowledge to overpower the unearthly creatures.

Attack the Block Movie is Directed By : Joe Cornish

Starring : Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker, Luke Treadaway, Joey Ansah, Lee Nicholas Harris, Flaminia Cinque, Chris Wilson, Terry Notary, John Boyega

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