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Release Date:Jan 22,2011

Category: Thriller / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.0

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Plot : Atrocious is a movie that weaves around the theme of the supernatural. The movie is made in a way quite similar to movies like Paranormal Activity and [REC]. Atrocious is the tale of Christian Quintanilla, a boy who visits his family’s farm house in Sitges with his family. As he tries to enquire about the legendary story of a girl in the woods surrounding the farm house, a strange sequence of events follows. He videotapes everything that he sees and the family stays there for five days. On the fifth day, on April 4, 2011, all of them are found dead at the farm house. The videotape of their five-day-long stay that was shot by Christian is found and the mystery behind the murders unveils. This video was kept under the custody of cops and is developed into a commercial horror film by a production unit. Watch Atrocious online to walk this aberrant path of horror, where thrill is something that’s omnipresent. The makers have edited the contents to make it more appealing to the viewers, yet sticking to the truth. Atrocious is one movie that is sure to send shivers down your spine as it is much more horrifying than what you may have ever seen. It’s been made in such a realistic way that every shadow looks scary and every dark corner seems to hold some sinister secret. Watch it for the sheer thrill of catching a ‘real’ story turned ‘reel’.

Atrocious Movie is Directed By : Fernando Barreda Luna

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