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Astro Boy

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Release Date:Oct 23,2009

Category: Action / Comedy / Adventure / Animation / Family

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

Views: 34630

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Charlize Theron
Nicolas Cage
Eugene Levy
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Plot : Kids, it’s time to put on your happy faces, as Astro Boy is coming to enthral you. Also called Atom in Japan, the computer-animated 3-D film is loosely based on the long-running Japanese series of the same name, by Osamu Tezuka. Catch Astro Boy and transport yourself to the futuristic Metro City. This is a metropolis which floats in the sky, above the polluted surface. The not in use or the obsolete robots , come to the aid of the city. Toby, son of Dr. Bill Tenma, lends his father a visit at the Ministry of Science, but is neglected by him. The new in his presidency term, President Stone, who also happens to be a militaristic dictator keeps Dr. Tenma busy, as he demonstrates the peacekeeping robot to him. As the experiment goes wrong, Toby dies and Dr. Tenma and Elefun, then decide to construct an identical robotic clone to Toby, using the DNA from a strand of his hair. They also use his memories to make the robot think that he is Toby. The robot Toby, in a matter of time, realises his true powers and turns into Astro Boy. Not only does he save Metro City, in its darkest hour, he also battles an army of robot gladiators. Catch this unlikely superhero, to have a few hours of fun!

Astro Boy movie is Directed By : David Bowers

Starring :
Freddie Highmore, Charlize Theron, Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Kristen Bell, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy

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May 03,2010
I have not missed Astro Boy TV serie and I have also liked Astro Boy movie as well.
May 01,2010
it is very good
naveen james
Oct 28,2009