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Asterix at the Olympic Games

Watch Asterix at the Olympic Games Movie Online Here | Download Asterix at the Olympic Games Movie

Download Asterix at the Olympic Games

Release Date:Jan 30,2008

Category: Comedy / Adventure / Fantasy / Family

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Plot :Asterix at the Olympic Games” is an adventure-packed side-splitting fantasy directed by Thomas Langmann and Frederic Forestier. The movie is adopted from the comic book with the same name, but with some visible variations. Daring young Gaul Alafolix is madly in love with gorgeous and charming Irina (Vanessa Hessler), who is a Greek princess. Along with his friends Obelix and Asterix, he decides to take part in Olympics, being held in Greece, in order to win over the heart of Irina. But he has to fight a tough battle with Caesar's treacherous son Brutus, in order to be a winner at the Olympics. Brutus desires to win, by all means so that he could defeat his own father Caesar (Alain Delon) and get relieved from him permanently. But his feverish plotting does no good for him and eventually he is faces defeat in the entire process. Asterix at the Olympic Games video also reveals that Brutus also desires to marry Princess Irina. Thus Brutus and Alafolix indulge in a fierce battle in order to demonstrate their strength and to determine who could be the most suitable and worthy person for Irina.

Asterix at the Olympic Games Movie is Directed By : Frederic Forestier, Thomas Langmann

Starring : Clovis Cornillac, Gerard Depardieu, Benoit Poelvoorde, Alain Delon, Stephane Rousseau, Vanessa Hessler, Michael Herbig, Santiago Segura, Jose Garcia

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