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Release Date:Apr 08,2011

Category: Comedy

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Plot : It’s an age old question, yet the answer has always seemed to elude us, swing both ways and, never once residing at one end. Which one would you choose – love or money? Think of them as separate entities and world seems easier, relaxing and successful. Nothing appears dull and everything looks dear. Put them together, and you have a life that resembles a pedestal of confusion, where everything starts appearing as secondary (in fact, drab) and all a person wants is, to stand close to one of them and, not feel anything about the other. It’s not possible! What do you think, who can let go of $950 million dollar to live with woman he loves? Arthur is confused, and so he puts his dilemma up in front of his Nanny, Hobson. Arthur knows he cannot have his $950 million, which he can be the heir of, unless he marries Susan Johnson. She is a royal, and a perfect bride for Arthur. But things turn difficult, when the groom meets Naomi Quinn. He instantly falls for her, but with that fall his hopes of becoming the heir to $950 million. The film is a remake of 1981 classic of the same name, and turns out to be a wonderful comedy. The acting of the lead cast keeps the film engaging. The suggestions Nanny has for Arthur may just as well, help answer the impending question that we are yet to receive! Arthur is a brilliant comedy film!

Arthur Movie is Directed By : Jason Winer

Starring : Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, Helen Mirren, Nick Nolte, Luis Guzmán, Greta Gerwig, Leslie Hendrix

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