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Apollo 18

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Release Date:Sep 02,2011

Category: Thriller / Science Fiction / Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

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Plot : Apollo 18 is a sci-fi horror thriller that focuses on a suspended mission of NASA. Mystery surrounds as to why the mission was aborted suddenly or whether the findings of the mission were too outrageous to be revealed. Lost footage of the mission uncovers the truth that brings to light the fact that certain creepy alien forms exist on Moon, that can be an eminent danger. The film is based on the screenplay by Brian Miller, winner of the inaugural Astana International Action Film Festival screenplay competition. The film is shot in a documentary style. The film’s premise centers on the notion what if Apollo 17 wasn’t the last mission and scientists would have landed on Moon to discover more about the star and life on it. Apollo 18 video showcases brilliant visual effects that create an aura of mystery and inquisitiveness to know what will happen next. The very tagline – ‘There’s a reason why we’ve never gone to moon’ seems to encompass the concept of ‘found footage’ that has the potential of generating big ripples. Director Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego has tried to paint the picture of Apollo missions with a color of suspense, mystery and a hidden agenda.

Apollo 18 Movie is Directed By : Gonzalo Lopez

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Apollo 18 is a film full of mystery, drama, suspense, lies and the Moon! The movie is based on a secret mission that had seemingly taken place without the knowledge of anyone concerned and the proof of which was found later. So, if the story has enticed you like many others, then you can download Apollo 18 movie in any format your system likes, such as DivX or DVD or even catch the film on your iPod. Apollo 18 would be a delight to watch for all sci-fi freaks as it showcases footage that will leave at the edge of your seats with anticipation. Watch Apollo 18 online and relish the latest offering of the Weinstein Company, of course, in apex sound and picture quality. What’s more you’ll be catered and entertained in such a way that you would want to keep coming back. You can certainly do that and buy Apollo 18 movie, which has captured the essence of a covert mission to Moon, embarking on the periphery of the finding that humans do have neighbors on the star!

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Dec 13,2011
Must say never watch such an amazing movie like this yet..!!
Jun 19,2011
hi i saw this film. very good.
joey pacaoan
Apr 15,2011
its very good movie,amazing