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Release Date:Oct 23,2009

Category: Horror

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.3

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Willem Dafoe
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Plot : Antichrist is a blood-curdling freaky movie by Lars Von Trier who has scripted its plotline as well. The story starts with a couple spending a passionate time together by hugging and kissing each other. While they are in a full-on mood to have sex, their son falls down from the window and immediately passes away. The grief-stricken woman loses her mental balance and has to be shifted to a hospital. Her therapist husband believes that he can assist his wife in coping with her mental trauma and regain her old self again. To make his wife deal with her deeply rooted fears, he takes her along to reside inside a cabin setup deep inside a dense forest. This cabin was no ordinary cabin; it was exactly the site where somethibgh bizarre happened previous summer. The story is intense enough to blast the daylight out of any horror movie addict. If you think you are bold enough to enjoy a nerve wrecking flick then dare to watch Antichrist video from here. A movie which has forced many people to spend sleepless nights is awaiting your approval to start playing on your computer screens. Do not waste this opportunity to test the strength of your bravery.

Antichrist movie is Directed By : Lars von Trier

Starring : Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg

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Oct 29,2009
nice love this types of movies
Ravi kumar
Oct 29,2009