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Animal Kingdom

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Release Date:Aug 13,2010

Category: Crime / Drama

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Guy Pearce
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Plot : A human would seldom be able to adapt in the opprobrious world of the carnal; for indeed, their ways, paths and means are grossly divergent from each other. Watch Animal Kingdom online and catch up with Joshua Cody, also known as ‘J’, who is fraught with a crisis of sorts at the tender age of seventeen. After the loss of his mother, J decides to move in with his alienated grandmother, whose household happens to be the haven of three sons of hers. These uncles of J are notorious, and are deeply embroiled in criminal and other nefarious activities. The elder one, who goes around by the name of Pope, is currently under cover in a bid to save his collar from detectives. The middle one, named Craig thrives on drug dealing, while the younger one, Darren, trails his elder brothers, taking it as the usual course of life. J had no inkling that he would inadvertently be pulled into this puddle, thereby soiling his own hands with the same muck. Through a series of events, J crosses path with Sergeant Leckie, who wants J to give testimony against his kith and kin, pertaining obviously to Pope, Craig and Darren. J instantly says ‘no’ to this tantalizing bait. As fate would have it, Craig and Darren are killed, with their misdemeanor finally paving way for their redemption. And as far as Pope is concerned, he is shot at, by none other than J, because now, this lad had realized that this marquee should be pulled down, along with its inhabitants.

Animal Kingdom Movie is Directed By : David Michôd

Starring : Guy Pearce, Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Luke Ford, Jacki Weaver, James Frecheville, Sullivan Stapleton

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