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And Everything Is Going Fine

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Release Date:Dec 10,2010

Category: Documentary

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Plot : And Everything is Going Fine, a documentary film directed by Steven Soderbergh, throws light on a monologist Spalding Gray, as expressed by the most insightful and critical writer: Spalding Gray. Steven collaborated with Spalding’s wife over the adaptation of the film and extracted 25 years of revealing footage, so as to assemble the final monologue. In this film, the director has intelligently presented Spalding’s life through the glimpses of his father along with his son. However, most of the part revolves around Spalding and a healthy display of this writer-cum-performer’s experiences. If you catch And Everything is Going Fine video, you will see Spalding’s quirky and inimitable brilliance. The making of the film began only after Kathleen Russo, a widow of Spalding and one of the producers gave 120 hours of account of Spalding and his life to Steven. Based on this footage, Steven made this 90-minute documentary as a tribute to Spalding, to share his experiences and bring it to the world. The mission behind this wonderful collaboration of the director, producer, the editor and Gray’s family was to have a story told by the unique monologist-Spalding Gray himself.

And Everything Is Going Fine Movie is Directed By : Steven Soderbergh

Starring : Spalding Gray

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