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An American Journey

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Release Date:Sep 30,2009

Category: Documentary

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Plot :An American Journey” is a documentary directed by Philippe Seclier. This movie takes viewers on a pleasant ride from Nebraska to Louisiana, from Texas to Montana and New York to San Francisco. 15, 000 miles of distance in contemporary America has been covered in this movie, in order to demonstrate the impact of a photographic book, created by Robert Frank on this developed country. This book is entitled as “the Americans” and this flick presents how this book changes the entire course of photography in America during the 20th century. As the images have been captured by undertaking trips across the roads, these represent some highly intense and hidden facets of American life like loneliness and isolation. This movie takes a close look at the inherent class divisions that existed during the twentieth century. The insightful experiences of this photographer have been brought into sharp focus as they reveal the huge evolutionary steps America has taken in the past century.To take a deeper look into the evolution of modern America, lay your hands on the insightful ‘An American Journey video.’

An American Journey movie is Directed By : Philippe Seclier

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