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Release Date:Aug 19,2011

Category: Drama / War

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.0

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Plot : Amigo is a war film which has oodles of action in its perfect storyline, and focuses on the war between the United States and Philippines. The main character is a man named Rafael, who heads a rural area, which the United States forces have taken under their control. Guerilla warfare is shown to be very much prevalent during this war; especially from the front of the people of Philippines. Rafael has a brother, who is a part of the guerilla warriors who aim to save their country from US oppression. When you watch Amigo online, you’ll discover that Rafael is trying really hard to take charge of this demanding situation in the most appropriate way possible. One of the issues that Rafael is already dealing with is the emerging rule of the US forces in his area. To add to it, an officer seeks Rafael’s approval for his support in aiding the US forces to hunt down these guerilla warriors. Now, Rafael has to choose between his love for his motherland and his love for the position of a mayor. By helping his brother, he can do full justice to his duty towards the place that he has been taking care of. On the other hand, if he joins hands with the officers from the US, his people, including his own brother, will go against him.

Amigo Movie is Directed By : John Sayles

Starring : DJ Qualls, Chris Cooper, Garret Dillahunt, Dane DeHaan, Lucas Neff, Yul Vazquez, Stephen Taylor, James Parks

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Aug 29,2011
I liked this film so much that i\'ve never seen such a film before.