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American Summer

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Release Date:Sep 25,2009

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.6

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Plot : “American Summer” is a side splitting comedy directed by J.B. Rogers. This funny, colorful and lively comedy depicts the tale of a valedictorian, Alex Sperling (Brett Davern). He somehow looses his summer internship and then decides to work for his appealing and victorious cousin Roger. He heads to Los Angeles but unluckily his cousin doesn’t evolve out to be that successful, as he used to believe. Roger is himself a dropped out of Harvard university and works as a pool boy. Then some circumstances force both of them to turn an empty mansion of one of Roger’s client into a local escort. This way they started their escort business. Soon the company starts flourishing and Alex and Roger get indulged in various humorous situations. They come in the influence of shot-gun wielding celebrities to sadistic lesbian businesswoman. Finally all of them get together for a big giant bash. But when Alex parents and Rogers’s Harvard alumni friends arrive at the party, they need to turn the entire amusement into a Harvard event. To know, how this happens, watch American Summer video.

American Summer movie is Directed By : J.B. Rogers

Starring : Stephanie Honore, Matthew Lillard, Efren Ramirez, Robert Davi, Rachelle Lefevre, Jay Thomas, Heather Marie Marsden, Rachel Rogers, Eric Ladin

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