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Release Date:Aug 20,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : Fate is a potent force that not only causes the biggest of crisis to be inflicted on man, but also embalms his bruises at times. However, there are also times, when he is left all alone, with a chance to introspect into his course of action. Watch Altiplano online and catch up with Grace, a war photographer in Iraq, who relinquishes her profession to return back to her homeland of Peru, in the Andes. Reaching out to her native land, in the hope of seeking solace, the very notion backfires rather badly for Grace. Her husband, Max, an ophthalmologist is killed during the riots, ensued by the villagers. The inhabitants of that hamlet had sprung into sudden frenzy, owing to deaths occurring due to drinking water being contaminated with a mercury spill. Even though the fault was not that of Max, people did turn against him. Max, in fact, with a few others, was trying his best to mitigate the problem, inadvertently inviting the wrath of villagers, who were looking a point to vent their anger. Within the ramparts of the same riot-infested area lives Saturnina, who has been widowed, owing to her husband succumbing to the ill-fated water. Destiny brings these two women face to face; one, who has lost her husband to the rowdy masses and one, who hails from the same en-masse and has lost her better-half to circumstances. Apart from bringing to light environmental disasters such as spillage and mining and the drastic consequences they bring forth, the film also portrays the myriad belief of the villagers, which proves to be an impediment for the entire clan.

Altiplano movie is Directed By :
Peter Brosens, Jessica Hope Woodworth

Starring : Magaly Solier, Jasmin Tabatabai, Olivier Gourmet

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