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All Good Things

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Release Date:Dec 17,2010

Category: Drama / Mystery

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 2.7

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Kirsten Dunst
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Plot : David Marks, a man belonging to one of the wealthiest families of New York marries a gorgeous working class student, Katie. Together they run away from the fast-moving New York City, to enjoy carefree country life in Vermont. However, their stay in the countryside is cut short, after David’s father succeeds to lure them to come back.After returning, Katie begins to chalk out a promising future for herself, and soon becomes financially independent. As she learns to stand up on her feet, David’s never seen before violent and controlling side comes to the fore. Some unknown things about the family start getting exposed, and Katie suddenly goes missing.Many years later, when one of David’s closest pals is found to be dead, the two-decade-old case is opened, with the finger of suspicion pointing towards David. One after the other, numerous family secrets start coming to light and thereafter, a dark truth gets revealed. Embracing a high dosage of mystery, drama and thrills, All Good Things video offers non-stop entertainment to the viewers.

All Good Things movie is Directed By : Andrew Jarecki

Starring : Ryan Gosling, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kirsten Dunst, Kristen Wiig, Frank Langella, Diane Venora, Nick Offerman, Philip Baker Hall, Trini Alvarado

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