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AIR: The Musical

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Release Date:Apr 06,2010

Category: Romance / Comedy / Musical

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Plot : AIR: The Musical is the musical saga of six people who unfortunately find themselves out of the order in the world. Things don’t seem to conform to their wishes, until the time their destinies surprise them. Each of them apparently is in search of the one with whom his/her heart rhythm seems to match. Dan works in a parking lot, and simultaneously attends calls, which are forwarded on his mobile phone, for a toothpaste hotline. Destiny brings him together with a solace-loving girl, Sarah, who stuffs envelops at home, only to avoid getting out in public. The rather strange couple weaves their musical love story in the film alongside the other four desolated souls. Malcolm and Julie Anne is another just-formed couple out of fate. The mid-level management boss Malcolm carries out his monotonous responsibilities in a telecommunication firm, whereas Julie continues with her waitress profession in a Country bar. Their daily chores were continuing in the same way, until the time Malcolm drove away from the city. While trying to escape any mishap that could have happened when an employee took out a gun at his workplace, Malcolm unexpectedly came across Julie. Lastly, Donnie and Kathy date each other, and lace their musical saga with a tint of sweet-and-sour moments. To unveil how the lives of the 6 get coated in the love syrup and the same world starts looking like the only best place to them, watch AIR: The Musical online.

AIR: The Musical Movie is Directed By : Jeremy Osbern

Starring : Ian Stark, Megan Carter, Granvile O'Neal, Brenda Harvey, Dylan Hilpman, Jennifer Coville

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