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Release Date:Jun 20,2008

Category: Drama

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Plot : Adulthood is a British drama movie, which is created and directed by Noel Clarke. The movie is the spin off of 2006 movie Kidulthood, which was also written by Noel Clarke. The plot of the movie revolves around Sam Peel played by Noel Clarke, who recently completed his sentence for killing Trife, played by Aml Ameen. In outside world, he realizes that life is not as easy as it was earlier, as he has to confront all those whom he had hurt the most. Some people have moved on, but some are still stuck with the effects of his deeds that night. Further, Sam was struggling with guilt and grief and he was confronted with an unexpected situation, where the victims of Sam's wrath, came back to avenge their pain. On the other hand, he greatly seeks forgiveness and safety for his loved ones as he was compelled to confront all the victims who were destroyed because of him. Since, Sam was pursued by the modern generation of bad company, he tries to tell the pursuers that they should stop all the brutality. Fans can catch Adulthood video, from here to catch a glimpse.

Adulthood Movie is Directed By : Noel Clarke

Starring : Noel Clarke, Femi Oyeniran, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jacob Anderson, Ben Drew, Adam Deacon, Cornell John

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