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A Simple Noodle Story

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Release Date:Sep 03,2010

Category: Drama

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Plot : A Simple Noodle story is the adaptation of ‘Blood Simple’, by the ace filmmaker, Zhang Yimou. Even though the movie narrates the same story as the original movie, yet it adds an interesting twist by shifting the backdrop of the movie from the city it was originally filmed in to a humble noodle shop located in the terrains of a desert in the province of Gansu. The movie is internationally marketed under the name of ‘A Woman, A Gun, and a Noodle Shop’. The movie is divided into two segments- a thriller segment and a comedy segment, with different actors taking up the lead roles in both the segments. The part related to thrill is led by Sun Honglei and Ni Dahong, whereas the comedy-centric one sees Xiaoshenyang and Yan Ni, both of whom are ace comedians, in the lead role. The protagonist of the movie is Boss Wang, who owns the noodle ship in which the plot is set. He is a self-admitted miser, and is increasingly suspicious of his wife’s fidelity, and believes that she’s having an affair with one of the employees at the eatery. In order to probe into his wife’s whereabouts, and give her the punishment that she deserves, he hires a corrupt police officer, and orders him to murder both the lovers if he finds any evidence that justifies his suspicion. What’s interesting is that the movie is no typical thriller, and is in fact a very different one, with a twist that will keep you glued to it. This twist comes with the entry of the comedians, who add an indispensable spunk to the entire plot.

A Simple Noodle Story Movie is Directed By : Yimou Zhang

Starring : Ni Dahong, Chan Ye Cheng, Mao Mao, Zhao Benshan, Xiao Shen-Yang

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