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A Modest Suggestion

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Release Date:May 05,2011

Category: Comedy

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 4.0

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Plot : Directed by Arnon Z. Shorr, A Modest Suggestion presents the age-old topic of discussion, ‘anti-Semitism’, through a renewed perspective. Most of the movie is confined to a single boardroom, where a group of men ponder over the intentions underlying hatred against the Jews, and the repercussions of these intentions. While some provide arguments to support the movements that are now a black page in the chapters of history, others term it as sheer inhumanity. All through the movie, we learn some amazing facts about the history of the Jews and all the atrocities that they have had to face. All with the power of words, Arnon manages to strike a chord in the hearts of his viewers, with a brilliantly crafted plot. The ensemble cast, consisting of actors like R. Scott Williams, Michael Gabel and Peter Boyer, do perfect justice to their roles. While at first sight, the movie may seem to be of historical significance, yet, as you watch A Modest Suggestion online, you’ll realize that it’s less about the past, and more about the present day scenario, the world over. Even though the movie lays principal focus on anti-Semitism, yet, while doing so, it speaks for all forms of racism and bigotry being blatantly carried out globally. The highlight of the movie is its comic take on serious issues. While putting forward some of the gravest present day issues, the movie also manages to make one laugh, when you’re least expecting it. Standing as one of the most thought provoking movies of recent times, A Modest Suggestion is anything but modest. In fact, it’s a truly extraordinary movie that anyone with even a mild interest in the political scenario and historical issues must watch!

A Modest Suggestion Movie is Directed By : Arnon Z. Shorr

Starring : R. Scott Williams, Michael Gabel, Peter Boyer, Jason Lott, Aaron Marcus, Mendy Pellin

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