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A Day in the Life

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Release Date:Jul 07,2009

Category: Crime / Drama / Musical

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Plot :A Day in the Life” is a musical drama directed by Sticky Fingaz. This movie revolves around a gang leader Stick and the most significant day of his life, when he decides to relinquish crime and lead a peaceful, fear-free life. The most interesting aspect about this musical drama is that actors haven’t spoken their dialogues rather they have sung their lines on hip-hop beats. A Day in the Life video illustrates an intense battle between two families. Stick unintentionally gets involved in this battle as Black, the head of one of the two rival families, forces him to do so. But as this battle intensifies, it becomes a saga of violence, hatred and bloodshed with Stick is the one who has to bear the first loss. Black gets to kill two Stick’s men. After that, Stick feels anxious, as he’s struggling to choose between his desire to leave crime world and to take revenge from his enemies. The decision becomes more difficult, after he gets to know that his girlfriend is pregnant with his child. To know what he finally chooses between crime and family, watch this flick today!

A Day in the Life Movie is Directed By : Sticky Fingaz

Starring : Sticky Fingaz, Mekhi Phifer, Omar Epps, Faizon Love, Michael Rapaport, Fredro Starr, Malinda Williams, Michael K. Williams, Bokeem Woodbine, Ray J

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