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A Better Tomorrow

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Release Date:Oct 14,2010

Category: Action

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Plot : A Better Tomorrow is a film which has been shot in a number of locations across three countries, Korea, China and Thailand. The movie is about a crime lord Kim Hyuk, who operates out of South Korea. He originally belongs to North Korea and his background story shows that his mother was killed and his younger sibling imprisoned, when they were caught attempting to transcend the North Korean border. The movie moves on to show Kim Hyuk being escorted to Thailand by another gangster, who actually wants to kill him in a so called meeting with the Thai mafia. Hyuk manages to escape death, but is caught by the cops and put behind bars. His best buddy gets to know of this and sets out to bring down the Thai gangster, who was responsible for the attack on Hyuk. After being released after a term of three years, Hyuk travels back to his native South Korean town and is confronted with the facts that his friend has now become a mechanic and his brother is a cop. The gangster who took Hyuk to Thailand has, by this time, reached the level where Hyuk was, originally. When this new top notch guy from the world of crime devises ways to hunt down Hyuk’s brother, Hyuk gets back to his criminal ways to kill the new crime lord. The movie is loaded with an unlimited dose of action and gun shots are one thing, which it doesn’t fall short, at all.

A Better Tomorrow Movie is Directed By : Hae-sung Song

Starring : Jin-mo Ju, Seung-heon Song, Kang-woo Kim, Han Sun Jo

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