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Release Date:Sep 09,2009

Category: Science Fiction / Adventure / Animation / Documentary

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.7

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Jennifer Connelly
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Plot : An incredible blend of action, animation, fantasy and adventure can only be seen in captivating movies like 9. The real adventure begins in this movie, with the awakening of a frayed doll in a post-apocalyptic era. It becomes the savior and protects them all, from all the powerful machines and gadgets of this fictitious world. After the invention of the Great Machine, everything goes good, but after sometime, this invention becomes the biggest hurdle for mankind. But before things fall apart completely, a creature named ‘9’ appears to save the civilization, but also becomes the target of the Great Machine. ‘9’ is one of the creations of the same panel of scientists, who created the Great Machine. So, after its arrival, the mission of salvation begins, without much ado! During this mission, luckily, 9 gets a chance to meet a community of the same origin. This sudden encounter helps 9 to create an army against the machines. In order to make themselves more dominant, the machines look for the army day and night. Being the greenhorn of the group, he advices the army to fight with machines, bravely. But ‘9’ doesn’t want to destroy machines only after getting acquainted with their missions. The team has to go through offensive ways in order to die-down the created ruckus. But, before they come to know about their intentions, things start falling apart! They themselves are not safe, but they hold a desire to salvage the occupants of the place. Watch 9 online to see how these burlap dolls save the civilization from the shackles of the machine world.

9 movie is Directed By : Shane Acker

Starring : Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, John C Reilly, Christopher Plummer, Fred Tatasciore

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May 03,2010
I think 9 movie is one of the most wonderful animation movies.
Nov 30,2009
i like the movie
Sep 24,2009
i like