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127 Hours

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Release Date:Nov 05,2010

Category: Drama

Rating: rating rating rating rating rating 3.7

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James Franco
Kate Mara
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Plot : Academy Award winning Director Danny Boyle needs no introduction. After giving a spectacular hit like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, the man is back with a biographical flick, ‘127 Hours’ produced by Christian Colson. An adaptation of Aron Ralston's autobiography ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’; the movie stars James Franco as Ralston who is a real-life mountaineer near Moab, Utah. The movie takes into account the 127 hours (5 days) spent by Ralston in a cave after being hindered by a rock while climbing the mountain. The adventurous-thriller carves out a path for catharsis with Ralston, who is compelled to cut off his own arm for survival. Although it may sound gory, the way this graphic has been presented in the movie is endearing. As you watch 127 Hour video, it is a 90-minute-long film and not a multi-starrer but, Franco being the only actor, has done full justice. The movie is appealing enough to keep you glued to your seats. It is a revolutionary experience which tells us that life can be extremely harsh and unpredictable, but moving on with determination can turn any stumbling stone; be it the boulder that essentially tried to stop Ralston in the movie.

127 Hours Movie is Directed By : Danny Boyle

Starring : James Franco, Kate Mara, Lizzy Caplan, Amber Tamblyn, Clemence Poesy, Darin Southam, Elizabeth Hales

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Boyle’s idiosyncrasy lies in the kind of topics he picks up to direct. Majorly he deals with social and real life issues. If you watch 127 Hours online here, it will give you a lesson that no matter how unfair life plays with you, you don’t need to give up and keep smiling. So, be one amongst the millions who want to feel the same, and catch the movie right here! If you want to hear the songs in good quality sound, download 127 Hours movie from here. This site is accessible 24*7 and caters to all kinds of needs of its customers. Boyle studies his character meticulously and presents the ‘unpresentable’. You can witness the mental, emotional and physical tribulation demonstrated in the movie in different formats on your screen like iPod and DVD. The movie can even be viewed in DivX quality in case you want each graphic and pixel of the movie to be crystal-clear. The thing that actually sets this movie apart from all others is the way Boyle has depicted the heart of the character and to catch all that, you can buy 127 Hours movie.

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