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Let s Check Out This Not SoTechnologically Advanced Celeb

Hacking of your online accounts can only take place, when you are not so attentive about their security.

This also happens when a person is not really technologically-advanced. Well, I’m not at all hesitant to declare the name of the celeb, who falls in this category, for you all know her to be Miley Cyrus.

Yup! You read it right.

She might rule tinsel town and teen’s world for her incredible singing, exclusive tantrums, and trendsetting attires, but when it comes to gadgets, she is not that smart. It happens with almost every popular celeb of Hollywood.

Recently, someone hacked her Gmail account and mobile phone to extract some secret information. It is Miley’s personal matter, but I really want to know with whom she is going around these days.


Thankfully, the hacker has been caught and Miley is not the first celeb to be his target, for there are many celebs, whose personal information is at stake. You will be surprised to know that it was the hacker, who disclosed about the not-so techno savvy attitude of Miley!

He shared that it was really easy to hack her account, because it asked a simple question about the security of her account.

Since the password of the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never actor Miley has been disclosed, there won’t be any harm in discussing about it now. She used the name of one of her close friends as password hint, and this was really difficult for the hacker to believe that she left it that easy!

He is the same hacker, who made an attempt to sell the naked pictures of Scarlet Johansson. It seems that he is behind almost every hacking scandal of tinsel town. I don’t understand why girls click their nude pictures!

I don’t want to offend anyone, but usually, girls use the names of their close friends, pets, and birthday dates to secure their online accounts. That makes for easy bait, right?

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