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Katy Perry In Paul Potts Movie

Harvey Weinstein is soon to produce a motion picture, which will be based on the real life of Opera singer Paul Potts. Paul Potts is the winner of Britains Got Talent show, a feat that he grabbed in 2007. 
The story of the latest project will revolve round innumerable obstacles faced by Potts in his road to success. Recently, Weinstein met Katy Perry to get her approval to work in his movie. And report has it that he wanted her to play the role of Potts's wife, Julie-Ann Cooper. 
He said that he is very impressed with Katy and really wanted her to put in the shoes of Potts's wife. He also added that pop star has shown interest in it. American singer, songwriter and actress, Katy Perry has earned massive appreciation for her voice act in animated movie The Smurfs. Her performance helped her to get nominated in People's Choice Award For Favorite Animated Movie Voice. But the one that is coming her way is quite different from the previous project. 
In one of her interviews, the singer revealed that it was a very long time after her divorce, she had written 'Part Of Me'. She told that it was very hard for her to overcome her personal problem and forget everything that happened in past. I hope Russell Brand reads this!

Russell married Katy Perry in October, 2010, but the couple parted their ways earlier this year. Katy Perry and Brand met each other for the first time while the crooner was shooting for ‘Get Him To The Greek, the movie that has the British actor. After that, both of them started seeing each other and in October 2010, they finally decided to tie the knot.  
Weinstein revealed that his production company was also pondering on the option of signing in a British actor for male lead in the movie. It will be interesting to see how things move on if Russell gets a call for the same.
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