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Justin Timberlake Ready to Overthrow the Regime of Women!

The most revered minds of this world have agreed to the fact that it is nearly impossible to understand a woman’s mind.

But this regime of women, inside the territory of mind, is soon going to be overthrown by Justin Timberlake!

Yes, my brothers, Justin has vowed that he would defeat women in their own game and he is doing the same by being as mind-boggling as possible.

Though he hasn’t made the vow in public, it is clear from his acts that he is up to something similar.

Now, you must have heard about his patch up with Jessica Biel, and the much-publicized ‘holding hand’ act.
While emphasizing on his hand holding act, he argued that he wants to be a dad at a young age and yadda yadda…

Not many days have passed and, now, we are hearing that Justin had a sleepover at Scarlett Johansson's place!
Yes, you heard that right!

Well, the news that’s pouring in says Justin, after spending some time with Scarlett at some night joint in New York, went to her place!

A source present at the scene stated that the duo was ‘extra comfortable’ while talking with each other.

The revealer further said that though other men, too, were trying to start a conversation with Scarlett, she had her eyes entirely on Justin, and only Justin.

Now, someone please tell me what is going on here?

On the one hand, the Friends With Benefits star is singing love songs with Jessica and on the other, he is escorting Scarlett and is having sleepovers!

The only possible explanation to his behavior, I think, is that he wants to beat women in their ‘you-can’t-guess my-next-move’ game.

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