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Jennifer Goes For Lust Inducing Outfits

If you want to keep the passion alive in your relationship, then there could be nothing better than some drool worthy lingerie.
Though there are other ways too, I guess, this seems like an instant one!

And I think, Jennifer Aniston thinks the same way too!

Jennifer and Justin Theroux haven’t made any official announcement of their marriage, but the current status of their relationship indicates that the wedding bells might be heard pretty soon.

C’mon Jen and Justin, everybody is waiting!

It’s time to do it now!

Jen’s excitement is evident, as she has bought some sexy outfits to spice up her sex life.

This is completely natural and who doesn’t want to look confident and sexy?

I guess, everyone!

And the Love Happens diva is smart enough to understand what is imperative and what not.

As per the buzz, Jen splashed out more than $22,000 on sensuous lingerie, leather corsets and fishnets.

Now nothing can stop Justin!

One of Justin’s friends revealed that she usually wears old T-shirts and shorts, when she goes to bed, but I don’t think she is interested in feeling comfortable when she is in bed, anymore.

I’ll not blame Jennifer for anything, as there is no harm in flaunting in front of the man of your dreams!

After a really long time, she has found someone, on whom she can rely, which is probably why she wants to give this relationship her one hundred percent!

The friends also made it clear, that she is slightly conscious about her newly-gained weight and has been working day and night to shed it.

Keep it up girl; may you soon get your curves back!

Jen and Justin have been together since the past few months, but their public appearances and understanding indicate that they are made for each other. Keep focusing on your love life to stay happy always and we do hope to hear the wedding bells real soon!

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