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Fox Turns Sensual for Armani s Christmas Campaign

Armani is the one of those brands for which many reputed celebs have stripped down. And once again the sizzling siren, Megan Fox, has gone almost full monty for Armani’s upcoming Christmas campaign.

In this exclusive photo shoot, the glam factor seems to be going up like never before.

The attention-grabbing factor of this campaign is its rich frosty lip shades, and sensually attractive gowns and dresses. Christmas is not so far, and Armani understands that a girl cannot leave any scope to look perfect on such an occasion.

Well, Megan’s off shoulder dresses not only enhance her sex appeal, but can compel any man to bow down.
Perhaps, this bombshell will have everybody wooed by the time Christmas arrives.

An average male always seeks more, but if you catch Megan in this one, there will be no asking for more. No doubt that this photo shoot is beyond any man’s wildest dreams.

So go ahead and check out what this siren wants to show!

Her sultry looks and sexy assets are looking even more sensual in this Christmas commercial.  Well, the best part about her vanity free looks is that everything goes well with her personality.

Everyone may wish to wear Armani, but Megan’s contribution will definitely help the label to soar higher.
The Transformers actor Megan Fox has been endorsing Armani as its face, while Rihanna has taken center stage as Armani’s spokesmodel.

Well, it’s good to know that the brand believes in experimenting with its brand image by introducing legendary as well as avant-garde fashionistas.

I must say, just don’t forget to check out the latest launch of Armani, in which all the pictures speak a lot about the unheard desires of this diva.

Nothing can escape us!

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