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Connor Cruise Drape Gay Biosphere

Yay! Connor Cruise, the young son of Tom Cruise, is once again caught in the web of gossips, as he hosted one of the hot parties of LGBT group. But this time, it is for his good!

I’m sure you all are well-acquainted with the fact that a few days ago, he made some derogatory comments on homosexual groups. It sounds a bit peculiar to me, as there is no point in covering up later for your foolish acts of past. 

Though words cannot be taken back, Connor tried to amend the act by apologizing, and also shared that whatever it wasn’t a reflection of what he is. He also promised that such kind of remarks will never be heard from his side. Well, it’s good that he understood that quite early! 

Coming back to his DJing, which he did for the same group, he booked himself as a DJ for hosting the Oscar party in a popular pub on February 26. This was not just an Oscar party but a ‘cause meet’, which was organized for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

I’m quite happy with Connor, as he knows how to control a damaged situation. All the attendees of the party were dancing on his tunes, and luckily, none of them was bothered to think about the hullaballoo that took place a few days back. It seems that the community has not only forgotten the remarks, but has also accepted the young guy quite well.

To think of it, this is just a beginning for him, and he should think twice before he says anything. Though this time, he was lucky enough to save his neck, he shouldn’t forget that he is the son of Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise.

Well, I just that hope in future he remains cautious before commenting on someone.

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