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Bieber Struggles To Keep Santa Spirit Alive

Justin Bieber doesn’t deny the existence of Santa Claus, but at the same time, he doesn’t believe in him. But then, in spite of all this, Justin wants to keep the Santa spirit alive. Recently, the singer and actor visited a school to bring smiles on the faces of the students of a Las Vegas elementary school.

Everyone was dancing to his tunes, as the students got a chance to enjoy tunes of his new Christmas music concert. Apart from some exciting surprises and gifts, he splashed out handsome amount for donation centre of the school. This sum is meant to help those needy kids, who miss happiness and holiday fun in their lives.

Surprisingly, Justin has been brought up without Christmas celebrations, as his mother used to spill the beans regarding Santa Claus. Instead of cake, candies, and carols, Justin’s time was spent with family, friends and unusual gifts during the Christmas holidays. I really don’t know why his mother was not interested to reveal anything about the interesting tales that are closely-knitted around Santa Claus.

Coming back to his present, Justin gave a much-needed monetary aid to the school in the form of $100,000. He also gave many interesting gifts, worth another cool $100,000 to the homeless kids.

Wow! I’m really impressed as the Justin Bieber: Never Say Never actor seems not to believe in lip service charity or publicizing his philanthropic deeds. In fact, even at such a young age, he knows how to give back to society.

No doubt his life is slightly controversial, but I’ve never found him going for silly publicity stunts.  And this is what makes him stand apart from others of his generation.

Keep it up Justin, may you bloom in sunshine!

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