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Angie Gears Up To Make People Uncomfortable

Till now, Angelina Jolie has made only Brad uncomfortable by asking many questions about his ex, but now, she is ready to make people uncomfortable with her lately done acts.

Making someone feel uncomfortable isn’t an easy task, as it needs lots of weirdness and boldness. Angie believes that her new movie has scenes that can provoke a great rivulet of emotions in anyone.

Since it’s like a wider discussion on rape, such responses are natural. She wants everyone to feel a bit uncomfortable while viewing In the Land of Blood and Honey, as it has touched many heated issues.

This film begins with a Bosnian Muslim woman, but gradually shifts focus to rapes and wars. She believes that these issues should be taken and presented in a strong manner, so that it can actually affect the psyche of the audience in a positive manner.

She wants every viewer to develop a sense of responsibility, so that something can be done for society.

She wants the viewers to get angry after viewing this film. Perhaps, this is happening for the first time she wants them to go against natural responses.

Above all this, the movie represents a deeper picture of the presented issues. It not only showcases Bosnian-Serb clash, but also puts forward issues that are deeply-seated in the world around us.

You just need to change the name of the region and conditions are almost the same; I mean rape, debauchery and poverty have been affecting everyone’s life almost everywhere.

We may don’t take pain to talk about such issues, but these have been presented expertly by Angelina Jolie. Now it’s time to leave, as I want to see this anger-inducing movie!

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